It’s Fun Fact Tuesday at Statesman Ties. This week we’re featuring Ireland, the country that inspired our Ireland tie.

Fun Fact 1:  The Blarney Castle is more than just the Blarney Stone. The grounds are also home to arboretums, ancient Druid rock formations, and a Bog garden. The grounds are even host to the infamous Poison Gardens, where visitors are not allowed to touch, smell, or eat any of the plants. The most dangerous specimens are locked up in cages.

Fun Fact 2: Another classic tourist site in Ireland is the original Guinness Brewery in Dublin. It has a 9,000 years lease on the property at a perpetual rate of 45 pounds per year, so don’t worry if you take awhile to get around to seeing this site. But in the meantime, you can partake in one of the 10 million glasses of Guinness that is drunk around the world every day.

My favorite fun fact: Sean’s Bar is the oldest pub in Ireland. It opened 1,117 years ago in 900 C.E. Whoa!

Tell us what your favorite fun fact is about Ireland. Then stop by to check out our Ireland tie. See you next week!