• Yes! We have more country neckties designed and are in process of being made. Follow us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.
  • If you have a request for a specific state or country, please let us us know so we can move that specific tie up in the queue.
  • Yes! Just email me.
  • It will take 4-5 weeks to ship after we agree on the design.
  • My wife, Amy does all of them.  She uses an embroidery machine and then sews them on by hand.
  • In a word, “Yes!”  They are 100% woven silk.  Great detailed embroidery. Made with thick batting for a nice heft and feel.
  • The ties are also made two inches longer than most ties (for the taller guy out there).

Basically, my wife and I start the tie design process by looking at the flag of the particular country or state for the tie which we will be designing. We’ll try to take elements from the flag design and start rendering a rough concept of the tie in MS Paint.

Then, we’ll search for symbols and colors and other inspirational things that are tied to that particular state or country. We’ll use some of those things and render a few more ties.

After some debate, my wife and I will edit and create and then edit again the color and designs of the tie.

Some more debating happens and then we’ll choose what we think are the top three and usually select our favorite tie. Sometimes – especially when we can’t decide on just one – we’ll post the renderings on facebook and/or instgram and get opinions from other people. Then, we decide which rendering will be the final design and prepare it to send off to the manufacturer.

Sometimes this is a quick process and other times, it takes seemingly forever!