Easter Baskets

For the first time ever… I am on top of things. I bought all of our Easter stuff last week (minus the candy) and I’m all prepped and ready to fill those little Easter baskets.
Growing up we always got a new church outfit & I have always loved that tradition, but since our winters are so long here & the kids got new church clothes for Christmas we decided to forego the Easter outfit this year.
I like to think of things that the kids need or could put to good use for Christmas stockings and Easter Baskets, mostly because I can kill two budgets birds with one stone. 😉

The “Easter Bunny” got the kids each a water bottle & a book about sharing. To share. 😉

Manning has lots of little chompers now, so a little toothbrush was in order. He has one that he hates, so I thought this little sharky one would be better.

Stencil Kit

Kess loves to color and draw, so I thought some stencils would be great for her – especially at church. I loved stencils as a little girl so this was a fun little gift to pick out.
Kess loves “prize eggs” (thanks YouTube) so she will be more excited about what’s in her plastic eggs than anything else. I’m making a little trip to Nampa right before Easter so I’ll be stocking up and candy and probably little things of play dough & small trinkets.
Before I had kids I decided that I would fill my kids Christmas stockings and Easter baskets with things other than candy. That way they wouldn’t eat too much junk and what not. Well guess what… while I still think that’s a great idea… you gotta have a filler that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Any guesses on what that might be? Candy. It’s candy.

The “Easter Bunny” usually brings Matt and I little something, too… but the East Bunny is on a budget this year so we decided to keep it simple with some stainless steel water water bottles & treats. I usually love to get Matt a tie to wear to church or meetings each year, but I got this one a little early…

If you have a future or returned missionary, a hubby who loves a certain country/state or an “enthusiastic Idahohan” (as Matt was called in a newspaper interview last year) then Statesman Ties perfect gift for them.

Of course, Matt needed the Idaho tie, but I debated getting the skinny USA tie as well. I love that they will add custom embroidery as well.
So if you need a little something extra to add to the ol’ Easter basket, or something sentimental for the  guy in your life – Statesman Ties have some really great options!

I hope this sends some Easter basket ideas your way!

I’m really looking forward to Easter candy this year – dang you baby weight for making me count my calories! Easter candy doesn’t count though, right? 😉