Blake’s Statesman tie story began with a box of old ties in the closet.  Blake saved all the ties from his missionary service in Tennessee and gave them away as “Legend Ties” to the young men he mentored when they returned home from their own missionary service.  When the box of mission ties was emptied, he looked for these post-mission gifts in thrift stores, yet found these ties lacking in quality and meaning.  Blake turned to the internet, searching for a tie that would combine great quality, style, and significance for every missionary.  His search ended when he found the Statesman Ties company owned by Rob and Amy Caldwell.  Rob’s deep feelings about his time in Ukraine mirrored Blake’s feelings about Tennessee, and Blake was happy to support a small business with a great custom product. Statesman Ties (Rob) accommodated Blake’s need for several never-before-seen state and country ties and inspired great brand loyalty! He quickly became a valued customer after purchasing many ties for friends, family, and returned missionaries.  When the Caldwell family decided to sell their business, Blake’s name was one that always seemed to fit.  They knew he was almost as passionate about their products as they were!

In 2021 the Caldwells gave Blake the opportunity to transition from valued customer to owner of Statesman Ties.  He knew immediately that his twin brother Brent would be the perfect business partner.  Brent was very familiar with Statesman Ties, having cherished his Brazil tie for years and having purchased ties from his daughter’s missions.  His skills in sales, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship made him a valuable asset to the company.

With a Statesman Tie you will own “A Tie That Means Something,” because our custom neckties are more than just a fashion statement. It is a statement of pride and a unique way for people to be reminded of a country or area they’ve served in as an LDS Missionary, or just a country that they are fond of and like to visit.

We have unique custom country ties and state-themed ties for anyone and everyone.
Thanks for taking this journey with Statesman Ties!
– Brent and Blake