This week at Statesman Ties we’re discussing our neighbor to the north – Canada! The second largest country in the world has a lot of interesting facts about it, not to mention the fact that it inspired our Canada tie. Let’s dive in.

Fun Fact 1: Canada is obviously a country of lots of natural beauty, but that also comes with a lot of wildlife. Tourists visit Churchill from all over the world to view the polar bear, which live nearby. While this is an amazing sight, it doesn’t come without its dangers as the residents of Churchill well know. They leave their cars unlocked for protection for pedestrians that might come across a polar bear on their strolls.

Fun Fact 2: This one might be hard to believe, but large parts of this large country have been found to have less gravity than the rest of the world. This weird-but-true fact was discovered in the 1960’s. Scientists have argued for years about the cause, but a new theory suggests that 20,000 years ago, glaciers pushed down on the land, which sunk like a waterbed. When the glaciers melted rapidly, it left the land to slowly spring back into its original position, which is still happening causing the gravity inconsistency.

My Favorite Fun Fact: Everyone knows that Canada loves their hockey, but in Newfoundland, it gets so cold that sometimes the Atlantic Ocean freezes over and the residents there play hockey on it. Wow!

And that’s a wrap for our facts about Canada. Make sure to check out our Canada tie and pop into the comments to tell us your own favorite fact about Canada. Until next time!