Statesman Ties Reveals Nine New Ties, Continuing to Expand Their Missionary Reach

BETHPAGE, NEW YORK- Statesman Ties, a customizable tie company specializing in ties to celebrate and remember LDS Mission sites around the world, announced this month the release of nine new tie designs. Statesman Ties continues to advance their world-wide reach with the addition of Oklahoma, French Polynesia, China, Congo, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Georgia, India, and Panama.


These nine new tie designs are inspired by popular LDS mission sites around the world, and many have been highly requested by previous Statesman Ties customers. The new designs were all carefully curated and reviewed to make sure they best reflect the region they are representing. Statesman Tie designs are based off of recognizable color schemes, flag patterns or monuments of that city or country. Each necktie keeps in mind notable connections to the LDS Missionary site.


Statesman Ties offer regular width and skinny mens neckties from various states around The United States, as well as countries and cities from around the world. Many Statesman Ties neckties can be customized with such things as the name of the recipient, dates of a mission served, or any other commemorative message. The regular width ties have a customizable tag on the back that can be customized with 21 characters of text. Each custom message is embroidered then hand-sewn by Statesman Ties Co-founder, Amy Caldwell.


Statesman Ties was created by Rob Caldwell and his wife, Amy Caldwell. On his last day in the Ukraine, Kiev Mission, some the very thoughtful members of one of the local congregations sent Rob home with various gifts. One gift was a necktie with the same colors as the Ukraine flag.

That is when Rob realized that not only loved the people of the Ukraine, but truly appreciated his time serving his mission there, so much so that he was grateful to have a tie that would always remind me of my time there: A tie that means something.


It was with that phrase in mind that Rob created Statesman Ties back in 2006. Statesman Ties uses the tagline “A Tie That Means Something,” because the custom neckties are more than just a fashion statement. They are a statement of pride and a unique way for a person to be reminded of a country or area they’ve served in as an LDS Missionary, or just a country that they are fond of and like to visit. All ties are guaranteed for life, if a Statesman necktie ever falls apart, rips, or is in any way defective, it will be replaced no questions asked.

Both the nine new designs, and the dozens of other Statesman Ties are available directly through their website at