Welcome back to Fun Fact Tuesday at Statesman Ties. This week we’re talking about Honduras, the country that inspired our Honduras tie.

Fun Fact 1:  Copan is a Mayan city built between 400 and 800 B.C.E. It is considered one of the most spectacular cities created by the Mayans and is the most important site for fully intact hieroglyphs. It is the major source of our current knowledge of the Mayans.

Fun Fact 2: Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras in 1502. When he stepped foot on dry ground, he said, “Thank God, we got out of these great depths!” He then named the country Honduras meaning ‘great depths’ for the deep water off the coast.

My favorite fun fact: A tiny town in Honduras named Yoro experiences “Lluvia de Peces” once a year – rain of fish. Yes, it literally rains fish onto the town. No one knows what causes it, but a National Geographic team in the 1970’s witnessed the event and found that the fish were native to the Atlantic Ocean located almost 130 miles (200 kilometers) away.

Let us know what your favorite fact is about Honduras in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out our Honduras tie and we’ll see you next week.