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What’s a Father’s Day without a tie?!  Check out these StatesMan Ties.  These ties are all ones that represent a country or a state.  And they can be personalized!

Statesman Ties Review -

We ordered the United States tie (of course), and the California tie.  The United States tie is a Navy blue tie with red and white strips, and an embroidered star on the bottom corner.  It’s the perfect touch of patriotism without being too cheesy with it. This classic tie looks sleek, and professional.

Statesman Ties Review -

We also got ours embroidered with a special message on the back just for dad.

Statesman Ties -

The California tie is kind of similar, but in a royal blue, with red and white stripes.  It has the California bear emblem embroidered on the bottom corner.  These ties are great quality, and look fantastic.  They have lots of other countries and states to choose from as well.

Statesman Ties Review -


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