It’s Fun Fact Tuesday here at Statesman Ties. This week we’re featuring the wonderful and weird Japan, the country that inspired our Japan tie.

Fun Fact 1:  Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan. In fact, it’s not one mountain, but three volcanos: Komitake, Kofuji, and then Fuji, which is the youngest of the three. It is one of three sacred mountains to Japanese people. It has been the training site for samurais and later Buddhists.

Fun Fact 2: The Japanese partake in a practice called inemuri – “present sleeping”. It is akin to daydreaming, but Japanese people use it as a way to ‘refresh’ from working too hard and not getting enough sleep. The sleeper must wake up to engage in the social situation when necessary and otherwise must maintain the impression of fitting in with the same dress code, posture, etc. Meaning that at work – employees engaging in inemuri would be sitting up while sleeping. Some employees might even fake inemuri to appear that they’re working harder than they are!

My favorite fun fact: Mr. Kanso is a restaurant chain in Japan where diners do not have a menu, but choose from a variety of canned foods on shelves. They are then supplied with plastic silverware to indulge in their choice.

Tell us your favorite fun facts about Japan in the comments. Then swing by and check out our Japan tie. We’ll see you next week!