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Today I wanted to share with you a wonderful gift I came across with. Statesman Ties is a wonderful gift for a special man in your life. A tie that has a meaning behind it. I was so excited to give one to my hubby that I knew he was going to love so much. I really like giving things with special meanings. I’m just that kind of girl. So I knew this was going to be perfect for Gary for his almost 3 year anniversary from getting back from his mission.

Gary served his LDS mission in Paraguay, and I knew he would want a tie with the colors of the country where he spent those 2 special years of his life. He was so excited when I told him about it, that he kept checking the mail every day for it! When his Paraguay tie arrived, he was so impressed because of how pretty it is. The quality of the tie is so good that he wants to buy some to give as Christmas presents! And I couldn’t agree more with it. They make the perfect present for the holidays.

Statesman ties have a variety of ties with different countries and states.

There is also an option to customize each tie with a special message or with their name on it. Something Gary also really liked was the symbol at the bottom of the tie. I love seeing him so happy with it because I know Paraguay will always have a special place in his heart. And I’m so happy he now has something that will remind him of that special time in his life. You can get one for your husband, brother, dad, or a special friend of the place where they served or where they lived.

You can purchase them here. And again thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post and for stopping by!



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