US Space Force Tie


Statesman Ties US Space Force Tie is based on the United States Space Force Seal.

The Space Force Tie is a perfect gift for anyone with a special connection to or a respect for those who have served in the Space Force.

Buy a special tie for anyone in active duty, the Reserves, National Guard – service member, parent, brother, friend.



Statesman Ties has expanded its collection of ties from state and country ties to include ties for those that have served our country and communities in the military and Police and Fire

The U.S. Space Force was established Dec. 20, 2019 when the National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law (with bi-partisan support), creating the first new branch of the armed services in 73 years. The establishment of the USSF resulted from widespread recognition that Space was a national security imperative. When combined with the growing threat posed by near-peer competitors in space,it became clear there was a need for a military service focused solely on pursuing superiority in the space domain.

For the last 60 years space capabilities have become essential to the way a modern military conducts operations. Investments in space capabilities have increased the effectiveness of operations in every other domain. The U.S. military is faster, better connected, more informed, precise, and lethal because of space.


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