Welcome back to another round of Fun Fact Tuesdays at Statesman Ties. This week we’re featuring Jamaica, the country that inspired our Jamaica tie.

Fun Fact 1:  Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s natural attractions that brings thousands of visitors each year. It is approximately 1,000 feet tall and is home to several small lagoons. It empties directly into the Caribbean Sea, which is the only river to do so. Because it is so beloved and iconic in Jamaica, it is featured on the back of the J$100 note.

Fun Fact 2: The Milk River Bath is a mineral spa in Jamaica that is more radioactive than other mineral spas around the world. Legend has it that a slave suffered a severe beating from his master and was left for dead. Later, he returned recovered. His master made a deal with him that if the slave showed him how he healed himself, the master would never punish the slave again. The slave led him to the Milk River Bath.

My favorite fun fact: Jamaica was the first tropical country to send competitors for the Olympics Bobsledding event in 1988. The 1993 movie, Cool Runnings, was based on this team!

Tell us your favorite fun facts about Jamaica in the comments. Then swing by and check out our Jamaica tie. See you next week!