This week at Statesman Ties we’re talking about Finland, the land of saunas. This is the county that inspired our Finland tie.

Fun Fact 1: October 13th is Finland’s annual Day of For Failure. Finland takes a pretty optimistic view of failure, citing that it takes failure to finally become successful. Either way, we think it’s pretty great that Finland can find the brighter side of things.

Fun Fact 2: Helsinki (pictured above), Finland’s capital, is one of the coldest cities in the world. Brr! It is completely dark for about 51 consecutive days in the middle of winter, which means it does not see sunshine for 13% of the whole year.

My favorite fun fact: The Wife Carrying World Championship is held in Finland every year in July. If you’ve ever wondered how far you can carry your wife (or how far your husband can carry you) this might just be the place to find out.

Tell us what your favorite fact about Finland is in the comments and swing by our Finland tie to check it out. Catch you next week!