It’s Fun Fact Tuesday again on Statesman Ties and this week we’re discussing the country that invented ice cream, China! This is the country that inspired our China tie.

Fun Fact 1: Despite common belief, the Great Wall of China cannot be seen from space with the naked eye, but it is an engineering marvel stretching over 5,500 miles across Asia. The wall’s construction was so long and arduous that it lasted over multiple dynasties and today some parts of the Great Wall are crumbling. Experts believe they might only last another 20 years before disappearing. Fortunately, some parts of the Great Wall have been preserved and over 10 million people from all over the world visit parts of the Great Wall every year.

Fun Fact 2: The Forbidden City is another tourist draw, bringing in over 14 million visitors each year to this palace. The Forbidden City has 9,999 rooms filled with ancient artifacts and rich in cultural history.

My favorite fun fact: China is home to half of the pigs in the world. That’s a lot of bacon!

In the comments, please let us know your favorite fact about China and take a moment to check out our China tie. See you next Tuesday, everyone!