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Our South Korea Tie is modeled after the flag of South KoreaStatesman Ties South Korea Tie was designed to represent the flag of South Korea. This is a tie that can be worn for many different occasions.



Statesman Ties South Korea Tie was designed to represent the flag of South Korea. This is a tie that can be worn for many different occasions.

“The flag of South Korea, also known as the Taegukgi (also spelled as Taegeukgi, literally “Taeguk flag”), has three parts: a white rectangular background, a red and blue Taeguk in the center that symbolizes a balance, and four black trigrams, which are selected from the original eight, on each corner of the flag.

The flag’s background is white, which is a traditional Korean color, common to the daily attire of 19th century Koreans and the color is also use for a traditional Korean wear (hanbok). It represents peace and purity. The circle in the middle is derived from the philosophy of yin-yang and represents the balance of the universe. The blue section represents the negative cosmic forces, and the red section represents the opposing positive cosmic forces. The trigrams together represent the principle of movement and harmony. Each trigram represents one of the four classical elements. (Source: here)

For the South Korea Tie, we really wanted to use a white background, but the thread to add the symbols from the flag onto the tie would show through the white silk weave and make the white look dingy and dark. So, we use the red from the yin-yang symbol as the base color. Each white strip has four thin lines. Those four lines correspond to the four trigrams on the flag. We incorporated those trigrams into the bottom stripe, closest to the yin-yang symbol we added to the bottom corner of the tie. There are some unique – and almost hidden – elements to this tie. We’re happy with the results. We hope you like it.

The South Korea Tie is a great gift for missionaries, businessmen, and anyone who loves South Korea. You can even add a personalized embroidered message on the back on the tie that the wearer will be sure to love!

Our high quality South Korea Tie is made with 100% woven silk and measures 61″ long x 3.5″ wide.

Represent South Korea with pride by showing everyone where you’re from, where you’ve been or where you’re going.

Customize your South Korea Tie by adding an embroidered, personalized message to the back. We attach each tag onto every tie.

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Dimensions3.5 × 61 in


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