Alaska Necklace – AK


A perfect gift for anyone with a special connection to Alaska.

18K plated gold with a 45+5cm chain with a 2cm round disc etched with the shape of the state of Alaska.

The small charm disc displays an etched heart on one side signifying that your heart is connected to Alaska. The other side of the small charm disc displays the 2 letter state code of Alaska – AK.


Alaska Necklace – AK
For Sisters, Moms, and Grandmothers

Show your pride for The Last Frontier – its people, places, food, and culture.

Statesman Ties is excited to add Statesman Jewelry with necklaces and lapel pins to connect women with the places in their life that mean something by wearing a Necklace or Pin That Means Something.

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Dimensions4 × 3 in


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