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Statesman Tie’s Portugal tie is inspired by the Portuguese flag. We used a navy blue color as the background color; which is loosely related to the color of the blue of the shields on the coat of arms. The red and green colors are taken from the flag as well as the coat of arms symbol itself, which we placed in the bottom corner of the tie.

A little bit of background on the flag: “It is a rectangular bicolor with a field unevenly divided into green on the hoist, and red on the fly. The lesser version of the national coat of arms is centered over the color boundary at equal distance from the upper and lower edges. On 30 June 1911, less than a year after the downfall of the constitutional monarchy, this design was officially adopted for the new national flag of the First Portuguese Republic.

The conjugation of the new field colors, especially the use of green, was not traditional in the Portuguese national flag’s composition and represented a radical republican-inspired change that broke the bond with the former monarchical flag. Although the flag flown from the Oporto city hall in the morning of 31 January 1891, symbol of the republican uprising was red and green. Totally red with a green circle in the center, to which were added the inscriptions referring to the republican center to whom it belonged – the Centro Democrático Federal 15 de Novembro.

The current flag design represents a dramatic change in the evolution of the Portuguese standard, which had always been closely associated with the royal arms, blue and white. Since the country’s foundation, the national flag developed from the blue cross-on-white armorial square banner of King Afonso I to the liberal monarchy’s arms over a blue-and-white rectangle. In between, major changes associated with determinant political events contributed to its evolution into the current design.” (Source: Here.)

The Portugal tie is a great gift for missionaries, businessmen, and anyone who loves Portugal. You can even add a personalized embroidered message on the back on the tie that the wearer will be sure to love! Our high quality Portugal tie is made with 100% woven silk and measures 61″ long x 3.25″ wide. Represent Portugal with pride by showing everyone where you’re from, where you’ve been or where you’re going. Customize your Portugal tie by adding an embroidered, personalized message to the back. We hand-sew each tag onto every tie.


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Dimensions 3.5 × 61 in


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